Somewhere under my deep emotionally awkward turtle shell lies a ((connectedness))


to the most unexpected of places; with the most unexpected people.

Current read

The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe.

It’s not anthing like I anticipated it to be ( ? )
However, had I known that it was part of a trilogy, I probably wouldn’t have chosen it . . .

The author tells the story with visual words that effortlessly pull you in from the get go. . .

You won’t be disappointed . . .

Ps: 2016 has been all about strong beautiful women

1. Wild by Cheryl Strayed
2. Breaking Night by Liz Murray “Homeless to Harvard”
3. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Baring my soul . . .

Seriously, don’t know ( what ) I am doing ( here )

Post some pics.
Type some words.
Bare my soul.

Ps: your blogs are amazing. I’m really sorry if I’ve followed and unfollowed and then followed you. In my excitement I tap on FOLLOW and realize ( shit ) did I just unfollow that . . . Dies a lil inside . . .