Summer Solstice


There comes a time
in the midst of June.

When Mother Earth
shakes out
her blanket of warm
sweet existence.

Whispering, it is time.

Queue the rhythmic
sounds of bees;
busily pollinating
everything in sight.

And everything
is as it should be.


Originally published on The Wellness Almanac


I’ve been on a little bit of a hiatus, from blog writing.

Due to overwhelming tasks like filing my late Moms taxes. Purchasing a grave marker. Paying back her GST.

Said tasks sure have a way of monkey wrenching the grieving process.

So, anyway.

One of my social media book groups has added a PEN PAL option.

I posted an introduction. And breathed.

To date, I’ve 3 potential pen pals. Almost had a 4th & 5th, but two DMed me when they found out I was Canadian. And messaged “I don’t do mailouts to Canada”. Which naturally had me puzzled and a little amused. You are State side, one border away. What gives. Dare I ask. 😉

Today, I received my first type written letter. And card in the mail.

It has been years, I mean yearssssss since I’ve hand written a letter. To anyone.

Plans to purchase some SMOOTH gel ink pens, envelopes and stamps tomorrow.

And work on my penmanship.