Summer Solstice


There comes a time
in the midst of June.

When Mother Earth
shakes out
her blanket of warm
sweet existence.

Whispering, it is time.

Queue the rhythmic
sounds of bees;
busily pollinating
everything in sight.

And everything
is as it should be.


Originally published on The Wellness Almanac


March, you have
come from that
sense of being
many things
to many people.

To this entity.

fire and life
in and out
of transitional
change; like
time & seasons.

Art by cloudy-dragons

Originally posted on The Wellness Almanac ( link below )

Kukwstumckacw / Thank you for reading


Mother Earth has been the epitome of regenerative energy for centuries.

She’s synchronized her heart with every member of the orchestra.

And harmonized the cycles of life within the seasons to follow.

Now, imagine nature in her regenerative phrase; should we halt the noise.

All the noise.